Friday, June 9, 2017

In Class Reflection #7

After watching the movie Hanna and having a class debate on the issue of genetic engineering, I have formulated a stronger opinion on the issue. I think genetic engineering is something that can be very helpful for our society. As mentioned in class, genetic engineering has the potential to create stronger humans both physically and mentally. The only problem with this presumption is that because many humans seek a plethora of wealth and power, it would most certainly be abused. If used properly and responsibly, genetic engineering could be societies best thing since sliced bread. Another plus about genetic engineering is its potential to rid certain diseases from society. I think it would be too far in the future to predict the eradication of cancer, but genetic engineering would sure speed up the process. Humans could have their genes engineered to reject different diseases and infections such as cancer, producing a stronger and better human. Now when it comes to the ethics of this issue, I am unsure how ethical this actually is. Choosing the traits of humans is getting real close to playing God and I just feel that things like so are not really meant to be done. But at some point you have to take the pros over the cons and see the potential that something like engineering has in it.

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